Rock Foundation Awards 2022
– A real inspiration to all

Rock Foundation celebrates Awards 2022

The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire joined delighted members of the Rock Foundation community for one of the most inspiring awards evenings he says he has ever attended.

Presenting the main awards at the event, in Grimsby Town Hall, Cllr Steve Beasant was overwhelmed by the spirit and enthusiasm of the award winners, the nominees and members of the Rock team.

“I have been in this role for a few weeks now, and I can honestly say this is one of the best events I have attended. To see you all here is an inspiration – that is certainly what you all are,” he said.

With a day venue in Heneage Road, Grimsby and a residential venue with café, shops and workshops at Caistor Top, The Rock Foundation has grown from a small group of dedicated people almost 14 years ago, to a mainstay for scores of people with learning disabilities – giving them a place to grow.

Founder Pam Hodge was delighted to host the ceremony, which was in the Town Hall for the first time due to the growth of the charity.

Welcoming the Mayor and other guests, she said: “This has been our first opportunity to come together since the pandemic and that makes tonight all the more special. I am so proud of all the students, some of whom have had some stressful times during the pandemic. But we are here tonight to celebrate.”

Main award winners were:

Caistor Daily Services: Graham Smith, Michael Hodge, Fiona Murdoch, Andrew Murdoch, Lisa Postle, Ben Wright, Jack Johnson, Tom Coupland, Dylan Tulloch, James Tulloch, Jodie Mc Kenna, Jack Johnson, Krista Ulliott, Conner Healey, Paul King, Wiktoria Nachorna.

In-House Awards Caistor: Lisa Postle, Brad Probets, Audrey King, Graham Smith, Lisa Postle.

Football: Thomas Killem, Michael Hodge, Stuart Melton.

Rock Foundation Daily Services: Keith Atkin, Michael Hodge, Luke Longbottom, Stephen Horton, Keith Atkin, Paul Butter, Ron Good, Michael Watmough, Andrew Gaiger, Geoffrey Sinclair, Jeanie Rydeheard, Joseph Isted, Kelly Blyth, Mathew Smith, Mark Tring, Charlotte Gabbitas, Sam White, Elizabeth Harrison, Robert Goodwin, Sam White, Richard Bessey, Thomas Killem, Lisa Postle, Katie Hewitt, Enya Stockton, Brian Nicholls, Charlotte Gabbitas, Daniel Stringer, Annabelle Steward, Stuart Melton, Caroline Mould, Leon Dunn, Kelly Blyth, Alischa Dunston.

Newcomer Awards: Jed Tappin, Nikita Sykes, Jenny Robinson, Nathan Wall, Rick Kiedyk, Damian Holloway.

Top Awards

Caistor Site

Learner of the Year: Audrey King; Most Improved: Joseph Bull; Outstanding Contribution: Tom Coupland; Most Helpful Service User: Jack Johnson; Overcoming Barriers: Dylan Tulloch; Buddy Award: Jodie McKenna and Wiktoria Nachorna; Best Attendance: James Tulloch, Dylan Tulloch and Jack Johnson; The Pam Hodge Award: Dylan Tulloch.

Grimsby Main Site

Learner of the Year: Thomas Killem; Most Improved: Kyle Dawes; Outstanding Contribution: Paul Butters; Most Helpful Service User: Leon Dunn; Over Coming Barriers: Ron Good; Buddy Award: Charlotte Gabbitas; Best Attendance: Connor Dixon; The Pam Hodge Award: Liam Jones.

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