Rock Foundation UK are part of the Co-op Local Community Fund

Here at Rock we are excited for the opportunity to be one of the chosen Co-op local causes in Grimsby. The money raised so far for Rock Foundation is currently around £800, raised from members who choose to donate proportions of dividend type payments.

Rock Foundation are part of the Co-op Local Community Fund

There is also a greater number of members who do not specify which charity they would prefer to donate to. This fund is also shared between all the charities who have taken part in the year’s Local Causes, which will mean additional funding will follow around October/November.

Would you like to make Rock Foundation your local cause?

When you become a Co-op Member, you can choose a local cause to support through your membership. This might be a park, community space or a local charity like Rock Foundation UK.

If you do not select a cause to support, Co-op shares the funds you raised equally between the three specially selected causes for this year in your community. A new set of causes is chosen by Co-op each year in October. You can change the cause you support at any time.

As you spend on Co-op products and services in the Grimsby area, if you choose our charity, you’ll also be supporting our students and service users. Find out more about our the Rock Foundation Charity.

Become a Co-op member for just £1 >

Becoming a Co-op Member is really simple and costs £1. You’ll get access to their Member Prices, exclusive offers, discounts and events. For every £1 spent, you’ll earn 2p for yourself and 2p for Rock Foundation. Scan your Co-op card every time you shop and watch the rewards add up.

Find out more about the Co-op Local Community Fund >

Rock Foundation are part of the Co-op Local Community Fund

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